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We are building a coexisting platform where anyone can be a guide, transport operator, or a travel agent.

Hidden paradises around the world

It is a shared travel ecosystem in which everyone sign up, creates tourism products, and can buy them instead costly touristic plans.

We connect visitors to more incredible and unknown places through the blockchain.  


We will provide a place where agencies, transport companies, guides and travelers can coexist to create a fair and healthy market.


travel & tourism industries needs to be improved

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on tourism. The number of tourist arrivals to the world decreased by 74% in 2020 compared to the previous year (UNWTO), a number that increased even more in early 2020.

an industry that begins to recover

Decentralized cryptocurrency is produced by the entire cryptocurrency system collectively, at a defined rate when creating the system and launching it publicly.

In centralized banking systems like the Federal Reserve System, corporate boards or governments control the supply of currency, printing units of fiat money or requiring additions to digital banking ledgers


what are we going to improve?

Innumerable intermediaries generate coordination problems that generate delays in the payment of services.

There is high volatility in exchange rates in developing countries, which have been overexposed to global changes.

Key data such as medical passport, personal information or travel history, are not centralized. Communication between different systems is difficult and standardization is already common.

The uncertainty in the current world scenario makes users avoid or postpone their trips for fear of problems such as last minute date changes.

The current infrastructure is weak and prevents access to new small and medium players that could offer valuable services in demand in the market.


we are hidden global

Market equality for all tourism actors in an increasingly technological and globalized world should be the development priority in the next 10 to 50 years, as well as the possibility of access to technological tools and software that allow the arrival of tourists to the hidden paradises of the world.

At Hidden Global we firmly believe that blockchain technology has the ability to transform the travel industry, and the best time to generate disruptive innovations is now.

On our digital platform, anyone will be able to register their products and provide a basis for sharing the benefits fairly. In addition to the tour operator, guides will also be able to register on the platform to share their prices fairly.

We will provide a place where all agencies, land and maritime companies, guides and travelers, can coexist to create a fair and healthy market and improve the quality of these travel products.






$HDDN is an ERC20 token that has the technological capacity to become the main financial way of interaction between flights, hotels, reservations and/or any other travel product.

This token will connect payments and people from all over the world with tourist destinations called hidden paradises of each country through a digital platform and APP for iOS and Android.

The application of these tokens will be for the exchange of payments between clients and hotels, tourist guides, restaurants, etc., affiliated with the Hidden Global network.



All our team and project tokens are linear vested on UNICRYPT from 2022 to 2042.


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Juan D. Bernal
Founder & CEO
Carolina Diaz
Mauricio C.
CCO - Analyst
Carolina Ortiz
Products & Services
María López
HDDG Foundation
Óscar Bravo
HDDG Foundation
PP.RR & Business Units
Blockchain Manager
Juan P. Díaz
Brand Manager
Álvaro Coral
UX/UI Manager
Legal Manager
Noman Haq
Blockchain Dev
Pre-Sale & IDO/IEO


For private investments contact us

You can read our documents and find out what this project covers globally. We are waiting for you on our social networks.

CEX & DEX Listing
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Target raised
1 $HDDN = $US 0,1 (PRE-SALE Price)
Uniswap Listing

Our PRE-SALES via PinkSale & UniCrypt are beginning soon, on december 20 to be exactly 🧩. Now we have the complete audit report and KYC certificate from SolidProof ✅ 89,33% $HDDN tokens with linear vesting till 2042 on UniCrypt. ✅ CMC Listed. ✅ CEX listed.

  • Private Sale Starts October 10
  • PinkSale IDO Starts December 20
  • IDO PRE-SALE Price US$ 0,1 = 1 $HDDN
  • IEO Price US$ 0,15 to $0,2 each $HDDN
  • Tokens for PRE-SALE 14.055.650 $HDDN
  • Initial Supply 30.000.000 $HDDN (40%)


activities and objectives

● The idea of the “Hidden” brand was born. ● We finalized our first business plan. ● We analyze our possible competition in the market. ● We signed our first public contract. ● Development of the concept of our App
● Development of the marketing plan. ● The development of our App begins. ● The idea of “Hidden Hostels” is developed. ● International expansion plan. ● Viability and legal commitments of the project
● The “Hidden” brand evolves to “Hidden Global”. ● Graphic development, logo creation and corporate image. ● Beta version and first tests of the App. ● First commercial relationships with hotels, hostels and agencies. ● Plan and financial projection for five years.
● Testing and bug fixes in the beta version App. ● Writing and development of the ERC20 smart contract. ● Writing and graphic development of the White Paper. ● Development of the website. ● Conceptual idea of the Hidden wallet. ● Creation of social networks. ● Planning of the ICO and IEO.
● Deployment of the Hidden Global ERC20 smart contract. ● Beginning of private sales. ● The development of the website concludes. ● Publication of the White Paper v1.0. ● Smart contract audit. ● Association with financial, marketing and legal advisors. ● Launch of our company blog.
● $HDDN tokens distribution. ● Official launch of the Hidden Global App. ● Inauguration of the Hidden Global Foundation. ● Development of the digital wallet. ● Announcement of the first three countries to launch the Hidden Global App. ● Company audit. ● Start and end of the ICO and IEO.
● Publication of White Paper v2.0. ● Official launch of Hidden Wallet. ● Announcement of three countries where we will open operations. ● Collaboration with the three top travel filmmakers. ● First official contest for token holders. ● Inauguration of the first two Hidden Hostels. ● Announcement of association with international flight agency. ● Launch of our clothing and travel goods brand.
● Announcement of association with VISA or Mastercard. ● Inauguration of four Hidden Hostels. ● First worldwide event with $HDDN holders. ● Second and third contest for holders of $HDDN. ● Start of phase 2 of Hidden Global,the Hidden Travels brand. ● Announcement of three countries where we will open operations. ● Announcement of a worldwide volunteer company partnership
● Announcement of three countries where we will open operations. ● Inauguration of four Hidden Hostels. ● Hidden Travels official launch event. ● Integration of the rechargeable VISA / ● Mastercard with the Hidden Wallet. ● Development of phase 3 of Hidden Global, interaction plan between travelers. ● Updating of our App in functionalities and technology. ● Official launch of staking $HDDN.
● Hidden Global's second anniversary. ●Smart contract update. ● Rewards plan for users of the rechargeable Hidden Global card. ● Beta launch of the first social network created 100% for travelers. ●Announcement of three countries where we will open operations. ● Inauguration of four Hidden Hostels. ● Distribution of a percentage of the annual earnings among the top holders of $ HDDN.



A document that makes us proud

We are really proud of our whitepaper, a document that we have created from months of research, written and graphic development, looking at every possible detail to create a file that reflects everything that Hidden Global is as a project, as a platform, as a technology and as a company that will forever change the way of travel around the world.

Our whitepaper is fully available in four languages. We invite you to download it, read it, share it, read our roadmap, meet our team, and find out about all the details that we cover as a project.

products ecosystem

Our main products

1. App: available for iOS and Android. Function: connect users to reach the different hidden paradises of the world.

2. Our VISA or Mastercard prepaid card will only be able to be recharged with the $HDDN tokens.

3. The Hidden Global Foundation works for people and animals at tourist sites.

4. Hidden Global develops its own online storage wallet for all transactional processes.

5.  Hidden Hostels will be thematic lodging places, where their main characteristic is that the decoration.




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